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Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra Laptop – Unboxing and Review

Samsung Galaxy book 4 ultra Ai laptop is a premium device with elegant designs and top-notch tech. It can elevate productivity and creativity with features like Samsung Studio,10 a new video creation tool that works across Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

A powerful combination of Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processors, on-device AI through Gauss and cutting-edge display technology make the Galaxy Book 4 series a game-changer. It’s available in various configurations to suit every need.


Samsung Galaxy book 4 ultra Ai laptop is a new flagship Windows laptop from Samsung that’s powered by Intel’s latest AI processor. Multiple leaks and rumors have been circulating about the device and it has managed to create quite a buzz among tech enthusiasts. The laptop will be available in traditional laptop and 360-degree hinge design variants and is expected to offer a high-performance computing experience.

Samsung Galaxy book 4 ultra Ai laptop

The latest generation of the Galaxy Book series has a new intelligent processor, a more vivid and interactive display and a robust security system, all of which elevate the PC experience. These groundbreaking features mark the beginning of a new era for laptops and accelerate Samsung’s vision of AI innovation for all users.

The Galaxy Book 4 series is powered by Intel Core processors with an ‘Ultra’ designation. The Ultra-branded models will be the more premium offerings in the series and will feature an ‘Nvidia GeForce RTX 40’ GPU. This is a significant upgrade from last year’s offerings, which featured Intel’s integrated Arc graphics.

The new series will also come with a number of upgrades on the software side, including Samsung Studio, a video editing app that’s available on the company’s smartphones and tablets. The built-in Samsung Gallery now has Photo Remaster to automatically correct images, erase shadows, and remove reflections. Second Screen allows you to use a compatible Galaxy tablet as a secondary monitor.

Other upgrades include faster Wi-Fi speeds and improved battery life. Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED 2X display has enhanced contrast and color with a peak brightness of 400 nits. And the quad-speaker setup with Dolby Atmos provides a rich audio experience.

All in all, the new Galaxy Book 4 ultra looks like a promising update to its predecessors, and it could be an excellent choice for power users looking for a versatile laptop. However, it remains to be seen if the new features can deliver on their promises and truly transform how people work with computers. If they do, this is one of the best laptops to consider buying this year.


Samsung is not the first company to try to make a laptop that merges tablet and keyboard, but its ecosystem-enriched features give it an edge over its competitors. Its new Galaxy Book 4 Ultra represents the pinnacle of its notebook offerings, offering a powerful desktop-like experience in a slim and light package. The flagship Galaxy Book series also offers a wide range of ports and touchpad controls that enhance the overall user experience.

The latest Galaxy Books feature Intel’s Core Ultra mobile processors with an integrated NPU, enabling new on-device AI capabilities through Gauss, Samsung’s proprietary on-device AI model. This is expected to elevate users’ experiences on the devices, and it will be a key differentiator from other notebooks, including the upcoming Pixelbook 2.

Like its predecessors, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra features a sleek design that is remarkably lightweight for its size. It weighs just shy of four pounds, and the lid is near paper thin, so it’s easy to lift up with one hand. The display is gorgeous, and the colors are rich. The device is a great choice for anyone looking to work from anywhere.

The top-of-the-line Galaxy Book 4 Ultra boasts a powerful specifications sheet that includes an Intel Core 7 155H “Meteor Lake” CPU (16-cores), 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage. Its Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 GPU and 16-inch OLED panel provide exceptional graphics performance and a stunning visual experience.

For productivity, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra comes with a variety of apps that help you do more on your PC. Samsung Studio, a new video editing tool available on the company’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets, lets you continue editing videos on your PC, while Photo Remaster enables you to edit photos and erase shadows and reflections. The Second Screen feature lets you use a compatible Galaxy smartphone or tablet as an external monitor on your laptop, boosting your productivity.

Samsung’s Quick Share function allows you to transfer files between the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra and its compatible smartphone or tablet in just a few seconds. I used this to move a few 4K videos from my Galaxy S23 smartphone to the notebook, and it took less than a minute for the devices to recognize each other.


The tech world is excited for the launch of Samsung’s upcoming laptop series, which is set to make its debut on December 15. Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra will feature new Intel Core processors with upgraded displays, plus built-in and offline AI capabilities.

This is what makes the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra a must-have for mobile creatives. According to 9TO5Google, this will be the first PC in the market to incorporate an on-device NPU designed specifically for processing offline AI queries and commands. This will significantly speed up tasks like photo and video editing, making this a game-changer for laptops in its class.

In terms of specifications, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra will be powered by the latest Intel 1st Gen Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” CPUs and optional NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 8GB laptop GPU. It will also come with up to 64GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512GB or 2TB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage, depending on the model you pick.

Other specs include a 2MP webcam, studio-quality microphones with noise suppression, and quad speakers tuned by AKG to deliver rich bass and high octaves. It will also support Bluetooth LE audio for lower latency when used with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Samsung is also touting its new optimal cooling system, which will minimize heat generation and improve performance.

Samsung’s Quick Share feature is another major upgrade over its predecessor, which will let you transfer 4K videos between the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra and your phone for easy editing. During the brief demo, it only took less than a minute to move the file over, and I was impressed by how seamless the whole process was.

Tech enthusiasts have to wait and see what Samsung holds for the tech industry before we can confirm how well the new Galaxy Book 4 Ultra aligns with the future, but it seems like a solid option for anyone who is looking for a mobile creative powerhouse. If the specs are accurate, it should easily be able to handle demanding applications like 4K video editing and AAA gaming with ease. Surely, it won’t be the cheapest, but it is one of the most powerful options out there.

Battery life

Samsung’s Galaxy Book series has taken a few hits this year, but it appears the company is ready to bring new life into its Windows laptop lineup. The Galaxy Book 4 is slated to launch before the year is out with a few different Pro and Ultra variants, as well as a new 360-degree hinge design. It’s also expected to feature Intel’s latest Core-U “Meteor Lake” laptop processors, as well as on-device AI capabilities via Gauss.

As with previous Galaxy Books, the new models will be available in both 360-degree and traditional laptop configurations. The 360-degree variants will support Samsung’s DeX technology, which lets them be paired with an external monitor for a desktop-like experience. The Ultra models, meanwhile, will feature a backlit keyboard and trackpad, as well as an AMOLED display with up to RTX 4070 graphics. Other highlights include dual-microphones, a 2MP webcam, Dolby Atmos audio, a fingerprint reader, Samsung Knox security, and two Thunderbolt 4 ports.

In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra laptop is a solid choice for creative workflows. It scored high in our PCMark 10 Complete benchmark, with strong scores in the Essentials, Productivity, and Content Creation sections. It also has enough firepower for heavy graphics tasks, and its 3K display offers impressive color reproduction. However, it’s not without flaws. For starters, the laptop ships with a slew of extra apps that make it hard to streamline its software suite. These include Samsung Flow, Samsung Gallery, Samsung Studio Plue, and more.

While the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra laptop is a capable Windows laptop, it can’t match Apple’s MacBook Pro when it comes to battery life. It only lasts about half of a typical work day with multiple tabs in Chrome, Slack conversations, and Zoom meetings. This makes it a good choice for creative workflows, but not the best for long flights or commuting to work. The good news is that you can always add a portable power bank to extend the Galaxy Book’s runtime. Samsung’s Galaxy Care+ plan, meanwhile, includes up to two years of protection against physical damage and mechanical malfunction.