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About Us

Sciborg is an informative website dedicated to bringing to the global internet audience news, reviews, innovations, inventions and insights on all aspects of scientific and technological discovery and exploits across the world.

The editors of Sciborg are seasoned professionals in various technological niches whose posts on the site are products of intense research and careful selection to meet the needs of students and researchers needing a quick and precise information on any aspect of science and technology while logged on the internet. The vision of the editors and management of Sciborg is to make the site a reference information portal on all matters bothering on science and technology.

Sciborg is a very useful tool for students, engineers, researchers, biologists, chemists, physicists and indeed all professionals needing a fast and precise data to solve the myriads of challenges they may face in the course of their work.

Freelance writers in the Science and Technology niche are enjoined to write for the site and get the needed exposure for their work and research.

Sciborg is one of the leading science and technology websites on the Internet and the site is managed by its parent company, Delvira Limited

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