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7 Remedies for your Freezing Computer Browsers

freezing computer browsers

There are times when you computer just begins to malfunction even without any visible software or hardware damage visible or known to you as the user. Freezing Computer browsers can be a frustrating experience especially when it comes at a time you really need to do something important in your system. 

There are several reasons that could lead to your computer browser freezing and getting heated up unnecessarily even when it is well ventilated and you are using very few windows at a time.

Some of the problems that may lead to your freezing computer browsers are — virus infection, poor ventilation, power problems, using multiple windows at the same time, malware infection, out of date drivers and incompatible browsers.                 

Remedies For Your Freezing Computer Browsers

Before you take your computer to technical personnel, it is right that you take the following steps in remedying or stopping the freezing of your browsers:-

1. Run a system recovery process—You can do this by typing in system recovery on the control panel pane and following the process prompts. This process can take several minutes and a reboot is usually required to complete the process.

2. Delete some installed software—Some software and programs that you do not use should be uninstalled to free some dick space



3.  Run a hard dick defragmentation— This is done by typing in the word  defragment in the control panel pane and following the system prompts. This process reduces the dick space and frees up space to improve the efficiency of your system.

4. Most importantly, change your power plan to the recommended power plan of your system manufacturer. This can boost the efficiency of your computer greatly and improve system performance

5. Install and Run an Anti virus program such as malwarebytes to clean up your system of malware, Trojan, spyware or virus. You can find several antivirus programs online.

6. Install and update your software drivers online and regularly install operating system and browser updates to the latest available version

7. When all these fail, then you can do a complete system formatting. This will reset your computer by deleting every installed program in the system. Make sure that you do a system back up before you format your computer so that you do not lose any vital document or program. Only certified technical personnel should format your system. Never do it yourself if you are not a technical professional!